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# 670 :: 4/13/09
Question 670 has been Answered
Assume that z is the test statistic and calculate the value of z∗ for testing the null hypothesis Ho: μ =150.0 when σ = 4.5, n=15, x(b. . .

test statistic, z-test

# 555 :: 12/14/08
Question 555 has been Answered
Complete the following: a. Select a variable. Compare the mean of the variable for a sample of 30 for one group with the mean of the variable for a . . .

2-sample t-test, 2-proportion test, 2-sample z-test, z-test

# 344 :: 8/14/08
Question 344 has been Answered
Explain the difference between testing a single mean and testing the difference between two means. What two assumptions must be met when one is using . . .

Standard Deviation, z-test, Normally Distributed, Homogeneity of Variance

# 330 :: 8/9/08
Question 330 has been Answered
If you had a sample size of 50 and did not know the standard deviation of the population, would you use a t or a z statistics in your analysis? Why?. . .

t-test, z-test