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Question 942:

Please kindly help me with this Cost Benefit Analysis Proposal for New Employee. Please provide work in detailed step by step instructions thank you very much. ASAP.

Proposal for New Employee
Scenario: You are the Senior Supervisor for the Admissions Department of Valleybrook Hospital, a 500-bed hospital full service health care facility. In the past three years, admissions at Valleybrook have increased an average of 15% per year.
Up to now, the admissions staff members have filed their own information but increases in admissions, filing is backing up. Observing this, you need to prepare a justification proposal for a part-time filing clerk. Use the information below, Figure 16-9 and Table 16- 2 to calculate a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA).
Prepare the proposal using the CBA template including thorough justification and the CBA you have configured.
• Currently have 5 full-time admissions clerks at $12 per hour or $12, 544.00 monthly cost (including $1344 fringe costs). The admissions clerks are so busy with admissions and paperwork related to admittance that they do not have adequate time to file all their paperwork.
• Part-time filing clerk needed at 20 hours (no fringe) at $10 per hour
• Increase in admissions has increased revenue an average of $300,000 monthly. With expenses factored in, there is a profit for Valleybrook of approximately $100,000 monthly.
• Profit configured conservatively at 5% increase, Valleybrook would still realize a clear profit of approximately $30,000 monthly.
Option 1: Existing admissions clerks can work overtime. Each clerk will work 3 hours overtime each week.
Option 2: Hire a part-time filing clerk.

Figure 16-9 (Sample job analysis form)
Position Title: Health Information Secretary
Department: Health Information Services
Supervisor: Manager, Health Information Services
Current Supervisor’s name: Kathy Castlerock
General Job Objectives:
• Acts as department receptionist and first telephone contact.
• Processes daily work schedules
• Demonstrates effective relationships with co-workers, patient, public, physicians, administration and outside agencies.

Essential Job Duties:
(List all task required to perform the routine functions required for the position.)
• Greets visitors to the department.
• Routes incoming phone calls and takes messages when intended party is unavailable.

Meets Standards of Performance By: (Example)
• (For Greeting Visitors) Receiving no complains in the performance period concerning discourteous service.

Exceeds Standards of Performance By: (Example)
(For Greeting Visitors) Receiving compliments by visitors, co-workers, or physicians on helpfulness and courteous service.

Element: Required Purpose
Date: Date it was created and most recently revised
Author/responsible manager: Establish accountability and source to refer any

Organizational level/unit: (dept, Places the job within the organizational structure.
Division, office, etc).

Job grade or classification Ranks the job’s level and importance for compensation purposes

Supervisory Identifies immediate supervisory and employees
Relationships supervised (if any)

Job Status Exempt or non-exempt from overtime and other
FLSA requirements.

Job summary Concise description of the basic purpose and
function of the job.

Essential Functions Major task and responsibilities of this position;
Estimated time and distribution, essentials
functions must be identified for ADA compliance.

Job Specifications Qualification in terms of education, experience, skills, knowledge, certification, etc., needed to perform the essential job responsibilities.

Working conditions Physical and psychological demands of the work environment. Any unusually challenging aspect should be addressed, such as handling hazardous materials, need to maintain strict confidentiality.

Cost Benefit Analysis for New Hire
Valleybrook Hospital

Request for new employee to begin ________________________________________________

Department ___________________________________________________________________

Position Title __________________________________________________________________

New employee would report to ___________________________________________________

___ Full time ___ Part time If PT, would employee receive benefits? ____ Yes ____ No

___ Hourly (if hourly, specify amount per hour $______)
____ Salary (if salary, specify monthly $ _______)

A) Justification for new employee:

B) Description of new employment duties:

C) Add below any cost benefit analysis (calculations) of adding this new employee compared to current conditions (you may insert a table here if you wish):

D) Other comments:

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