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No answer provided yet.When analyzing human behavior there are a number of statistical techniques that can be used. The ones that are used most most commonly would be the 2-sample t-test, 2-proportion test, ANOVA and Regression Analysis.

For example, say you setup an experiment to find out how much people would donate to charity on their own volition. The scenario might involve some distraction task in which all participants get compensated just for volunteering. At the end of this task they are then offered the opportunity to donate what they received to charity. One group might see a person working with the experimenter donating and the other would not see anyone.

You could then use the 2-sample t-test to compare the average amount donated between groups. You could use the 2-proportion test to see if the proportion donating anything differed between groups differed.  If you had more than two conditions to test you could use the ANOVA instead of the t-test.

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