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Question 84:



No answer provided yet.Using the properties of the standard normal curve, we know that 95% of the values are below 1.65 standard deviations above the mean, measured in z-scores. The average number of women in shelters is 250. One standard deviation above this is (250+75) or 325 containing 84% of the nights. For 95% of the nights we need to add 1.65 standard deviations to the mean (1.65*75 = 123.8 added to 250 = 373.75).
  1. So to answer the first question a 350 capacity will not be enough for 95% of the nights.
  2. The answer to the second question is they would need a capacity of 374 (rounded up to the whole woman).
  3. For the third question we need to calculate the z-score, which is the data-point minus the mean divided by the standard deviation or (220-250)/75 = a z-score of -.4. When a z-score is negative the percentage of area is less than 50%, so we already know less than half the nights will have enough shelter capacity. Using the Z-score to Percentile calculator for one-sided area provides us with around 34.5% of nights will have capacity or 65.5% of nights will not have enough capacity.

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