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Question 776:

Clients at a Diabetic Education Program were randomly assigned to one of two learning programs.

Group A participants attended a three-day, in-class set of lectures, discussions and demonstrations.

Group B participants accessed an online program that allowed them to complete the material on their own time over a two-week period.

At the end of each program, participants completed the same multiple-choice test of knowledge and skills. The test was scored out of 100.


Identify the dependent and independent variables.

If you wanted to determine which of the two learning programs made the bigger difference in the participant's knowledge and skills, what statistical tests would you perform? What assumptions would the test have to meet before you proceed? How would you determine these assumptions?
NOTE: you do not actually have to do the statistics, only answer the questions posed.

Suppose you are reading the results of a research report; the research question is:

"What factors are associated with psychological distress on family caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's?"

The researchers used instruments to measure the variables: age of the family caregiver; the caregiver's perception of the amount of supervision required of the person with Alzheimer's; the amount of physical care required; and psychological distress.

The researchers displayed their results in a correlation table.

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