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Question 755:



No answer provided yet.For the Chi-Square test of independence, the Null Hypothesis is that there is no association between two categorical variables. In this case that means the Null is that there is no association between ways of commuting and gender. If there is an association it means men or women commute differently. 

We have the SPSS output and we can look at the Pearson Chi-Square results to see a Chi-Square value of 7.751 with 4 degrees of freedom. The p-value of .101 is above the typical alpha cut-off value of .05. Since it is above .05 we would fail to reject the Null. We cannot conclude that gender and commuting are associated at less than the .05 level.

Chi-Square tests typically need a minimum of 5 values in each cell. The warning of 1 low cell count tells us we're probably OK, although it's immaterial since we didn't reject the Null. If we were right on the cusp of .05 and were going to reject the Null and there were low cell counts then we should interpret the results with caution.

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