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Question 731:



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Describe the Test

Use an Analysis of Variance: 1-Way ANOVA.


State the Hypotheses

Ho: The Null hypothesis is that there is no difference between any means.

Ha: The Alternative hypothesis is that at least one mean is different than another mean.


Specify the Decision Rule

Alpha is set to .05. If the p-value from the F-statistic is less than alpha, we reject Ho.


Calculate the Test Statistic

The test statistic F is found to be 3.00 on 3 and 25 degrees of freedom. The p-value associated with this F is .0480 which is less than alpha.


Make the Decision

The p-value from the test is.0480 and is less than the alpha of .05. We reject Ho. We conclude that at least on of the four means must be different.


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