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Question 730:



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The steps are:


1.      Identify the statistical test : Pick which test to conduct based on the data and constraints such as the scale and normality.

2.      State the Hypotheses: Identify the test as either 1 or 2 sided and identify alpha.

3.      Specify the Decision Rule: If the p-value is less than alpha the reject Ho (or if the test statistic exceeds the critical value).

4.      Calculate the Test Statistic: Use the formula for the test statistic, for example a 2 sample t-test.

5.      Make and explain the decision : State whether the Null Hypothesis was rejected, interpret the results and explain them in English.

Keep in mind that these steps are to help you in conducting a hypothesis test, it's OK to combine or modify the steps as long as you have the key components in there--e.g. Null Hypothesis, alpha and test statistic.

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