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Question 729:



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Describe the Test

Conduct a 1-sample t-test.


State the Hypotheses

Ho : The Null hypothesis is the mean is equal to 150.

Ha : The Alternative hypothesis is that the mean is NOT equal to 150.

Specify the Decision Rule

Alpha will be set to.05. If the p-value is lower than alpha of .05 we will reject the null hypothesis.


Calculate the Test Statistic

The test statistic t* is found as the difference between sample mean and test mean = 151.77-150 = 1.77, and is divided by the standard error of the difference (SE). SE = s/SQRT(n) = 10/SQRT(200) = .7071 . t* = 1.77/.7071 =  2.50. Using the excel function =TDIST(2.50,199,) we get the p-value of .0066.


Make the Decision

The p-value of .0066 is less than alpha we reject Ho. We can conclude that the mean is not equal to 150.


The p-value as stated above is .0066.

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