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Part 1

A dependent variable, also called a response variable, is a variable which we measure or observe but often cannot control. It is called dependent because it is affected, or depends, on the changes in other independent variables. Dependent variables are usually represented with the letter Y.


An independent variable is a variable which potentially changes a dependent variable. We often have control over an independent variable and can both measure and manipulate it. It is usually represented with the letter x.

Part 2

The number of houses purchased would be the dependent variable since we cannot control it and we are instead observing it. Interest rates would then be the independent variable. We can see how changes in interest rates would or would not affect the number of houses purchased.


Part 3
The independent variable, is usually put on the x-axis (horizontal) and the dependent variable is put on the y-axis (vertical). Notice the connection between the dependent variable being written as y and the independent as x.

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