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Question 715:



No answer provided yet.We can use the formula for the z-score for a datapoint to solve this one. The formula is (datapoint-mean)/standard deviation = z-score. Before we do this, we need to find the z-score for the top 10% by using a table of normal values for 1-sided area. We get the z-score of 1.28. Now we substitute that into our equation to solve for the unknown score.

  1. (datapoint - 3.0)/.5 = 1.28
  2. datapoint - 3.0= .640776
  3. datapoint = 3.640776
So you need to have a minimum GPA of 3.640776 to be considered in the top 10% of your school.  Since you have a 3.5 GPA you just miss the cut-off of 3.640776 and you won't be accepted to UT.

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