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Question 650:

2. Your company makes ice cream (178 flavors!) and has just acquired a distribution company with lots of ice cream trucks. You will use their trucks to distribute your products. Each of your companies has clients, sales agents with defined territories, warehouses, bills they produce, maintenance contracts, software licenses, employee files, and many other things in common, at least at a high level. There is a need to understand the major data entities and relationships at each company,
and to create a single data model (ERD) that will become the blueprint or a new combined corporate database. You have been invited to a \"data modeling\" session with DBAs.

a. Why might it be important to have one (combined) corporate database? How could that save your company money?

b. For the data modeling exercise, at the ice cream company you learn that one sales agent can have one-and-only-one sales territory (a one-to-one relationship). At the distribution company, you learn that each sales agent can have one-to-many sales territories (a one-to-many relationship). If you are setting up a common, shared sales database (to show who is assigned to which territory), why are those relationships important?

c. If the company wanted to combine the sales data from both companies, how should the new corporate database set up this relationship (take your best guess, one-to-one, or one-to-many)? Why?

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