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Question 637:

Hi Jeff thanks for all your help so far, your answers have been great and very timely. It is great to be able have help from someone with great professionalism as yourself.
I have another question which I am unsure as how to tackle it. I hope you can help me once again Ė thanks. So here goes.
For traffic signs, measurement of retro reflective performance with a reflectometer will be needed as well as visual assessment during Street Surveillance inspections.
The Service provider (thatís me!) shall collate and report on the results of actual reflectivity readings for all signs visually identified as required a measured reflectivity assessment to ensure that the Contract Manager and the Service provider have confidence in the visual assessment of retro-reflective performance.
The Service provider shall ensure that its procedures to determine the retro reflective performance of Signs provide valid assessments.
(So what we have done is taken random readings of various signs for the quarter, see below.)
The Australian Standards for these signs states that for Class 1W signs the minimum level of luminous intensity for white, yellow & red signs are 380, 265 & 75 respectively which are to replace the old standard Class 1 signs; white, yellow and red of min. levels of 250, 75 & 50 respectively.(This is a works in progress. It was not noted when taking the readings whether the signs were the new or old standard? I assume the the old standard signs would be the ones with readings of lower values? But they could also be old faded signs with low readings. Do we need to separate the two classes of signs or should we just keep it simple with a general observation?)
Further more there are also Class 2 signs which the standards state that the minimum luminous intensity for white, yellow & red signs are 70 50 & 14 respectively.
Finally there is one other question which I donít believe we are in the position to answer without further historical data but I would appreciate your comments.
The question asks to assess and report on the degradation of reflectivity performance as a method of predicting the future reflectivity performance of signs.
Both Class1 sign readings are:
Reflectivity Colour
91.9 W
277 W
403 W
514 W
458 W
97.7 W
520 W
416 W
481 W
508 W
448 W
516 W
282 W
264 W
240 W
276 W
262 W
258 W
296 W
211 W
183 W
46.5 R
45.1 R
80 R
381 R
235 R
35.9 R
and for Class2:
Reflectivity Colour
32.1 Y
51.4 Y
5.7 Y
41.2 W
45.3 W
79.2 W
52.1 W
54.8 W
63.5 W
22.1 W
60.4 W
77.9 W
78 W
81.6 W
78 W
68.2 W
66.4 W
21 W
72.5 W
3.1 W
50.1 W
106 W
87.4 W
85.3 W
18.1 W
78.9 W
62.5 W
64.5 W
61.2 W
76.9 W
82 W
24.5 W
65.5 W
19.6 W
48.5 W
22.4 W
48.4 W
79.9 W
40 W
84.2 W
7.4 W
45.4 W
80 W
9 W
86.2 W
70.2 W
80.3 W
87.4 W
105 W
86.3 W
11.4 R
26.5 R

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