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Question 630:



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A. Key people for this project are:
VP from manufacturing because s/he is the recipient of the application. This VP will set requirements and be the ultimate arbiter in deciding if the business application was delivered as promised.
Head of the IT department : To understand the scope of project in order to deploy the right people on the project.
Lead Developers: The programmers that will implement the code
IT Project Managers: These folks will help write the requirements documents and specifications so need to understand the client's business needs
Financial Rep (Me) : To understand if the project is cost effective: How much will it cost in hard costs and employee hours.

B. Questions to ask are:

  1. How many man-hours will this project take?
  2. What are the hard costs?
  3. How do we measure return on investment and will the costs be offset by future productivity gains or cost avoidance?
  4. Foes it make more sense to purchase existing software than engage in customer development.
  5. Is the hardware necessary? It is a large capital outlay and can the application be run on existing servers? Will there be sufficient demand by the users to warrant such a high cost machine?

C. The hardware ordering of the project should be done in the Implementation phase of the process-once key testing and prototyping has been completed and the project continues to be on track should the ordering of hardware commence. It should be done early enough in the implementation phase so as not to hold up the time-line.

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