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Question 537:

Can people really identify their favorite brand of cola? Volunteers tasted Coca-Cola Classic, Pepsi, Diet Coke, and Diet Pepsi, with the results shown below. Research question: At a = .05, is the correctness of the prediction different for the two types of cola drinkers? Could you identify your favorite brand in this kind of test? Since it is a 2 x 2 table, try also a two-tailed two-sample z test for p1 = p2 (see Chapter 10) and verify that z2 is the same as your chi-square statistic. Which test do you prefer? Why? (Data are from Consumer Reports 56, no. 8 [August 1991], p. 519.) Cola

Correct? Regular Cola Diet Cola Row Total
Yes, got it right 7 7 14
No, got it wrong 12 20 32
Col Total 19 27 46

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