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We need to know what the mean and standard deviation are of the population. If found some data here  that suggest the average height as 69.7 inches. If we assume the standard deviation is, say 2.5 inches then we can find out hall tall a person 1.7 standard deviations below the mean is.

Since a z-score is made up of a data-point minus the mean and that result divided by the standard deviation we can setup a simple equation

  1. (x-69.7)/2.5 = -1.7
  2. x-69.7 = -4.25
  3. x = 65.45

So, remember I made up the Standard deviation, but if its close it means that a man with a height 1.7 standard deviations less than the average height is around 65.5 inches or 5ft 5inches.

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