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Question 367:



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You'll need to find two areas under the normal curve given the deviates.

  1. Find the area under the normal curve using the z-score to percentile calculator for the z-score of 1.76 and choose 1-sided area and look at the value for 100-percent. This provides an area of about 96.1%.
  2. Repeat step 1 and enter .94, now look at the percent of area, you should see 17.3%.
  3. Repeat step 1 and enter .-.65 looking at 100-percent you should see 74.2%.
  4. Finally for the area between two z-scores .34  and .62 , you find the percent of area for both, then subtract the smaller area, which following the same steps above is 73.2%-63.3%. Subtracting the smaller gets us 73.2-63.3 = an area between of 9.9%.

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