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Question 339:

My question is really about sample size. Say you work at a facility and want to perform an assessment of your safety culture this would involve multiple topics of questions expecting answers like agree, tend to agree, not sure, tend to disagree, disagree. How would you estimate the sample size if your total facility population is only 80 persons? Would the manner in which you estimate the sample size be different if you used any combination of the following methods to conduct the assessment: a written survey, individual interviews, one on one observations, or focus groups? What if these assessments must be performed at eight different facilities that have no relationship to each other and each of their total populations range from 15-1000, with a mean of 153? To make it even more complicated, would the manner in which you estimate sample size change if you really wanted each of the facilities to assess eight work groups or divisions in the workforce (e.g., management, operations, maintenance, engineering, etc.) at each of their facilities? Greatly appreciate your input.

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