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Question 254:

Body Temparatures. Human body Temp have a mean of 98.20F and standard deviation of 0.62F. Convert the given temparatures to z scores.
A. 97.5F
B. 98.60F
C. 98.20F

Lenght Of Pregnancy. A woman wrote to Dear Abby and claimed that she gave birth 309 days after a visit from her hushand , who was in the Navy. Lengths of pegnancies have a mean of 268 days and a standard deviation of 15 days. Find the z score for 308 days. Is such a length unusual? What do you conclude?

Ages of best Actresses. Use the 76 sorted ages of best actresses listed in 3-4
a. find the interquartile range
b. find the midquartile.
c. find the 10-90 percentile range.
d. does p50 = q2? if does p50 always equal q2
e. does q2 =, (q1 + q3)/2? if so,does q2 always equal (q1 + q3)/2

15. 25
17. 40
19. p10
23. p33
24. p66

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