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Question 153:



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The following are the descriptive statistics of the sample:

  • Mode: 30
  • Median: 30 
  • Mean: 33.70
  • SD: 20.45

While I recommend plotting your data to visually see how the points lie (outliers and skews are more apparent), you can tell from these descriptive statistics, that there is a positive skew (the tail of the data point to the right). This is because in a normal distribution, the mean=median=mode. If the mean is larger than the median (which it is here) it is because of some higher values pulling the mean upward. The properties of the median are such that they are not affected by extreme values (it is always the middle value). In this data-set, the 82 suggests that this one person is highly prejudiced (or they misunderstood the question, or there was an error in coding the data etc).

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