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Question 1001:

The following data gives gender and employment status of civilian labour force age 16 to 24 years as of March, 2006.
Employed Unemployed
Male 11638 1337
female 10540 1157

i) If one person is selected at random from these young ones, find the probability that this person is employed given that the person is male.
ii) Are the events “employed” and “unemployed” independent? Explain.
d) Find the number of seven digit telephone numbers that can be formed with no repeated digits and 0 cannot be used as first digit?
e) A box contains 12 light bulbs, of which 5 are defective. All bulbs look alike and have equal probability of being chosen. If three light bulbs are selected and placed in the box. What is the probability that at least 2 are defective?

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