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# 836 :: 1/13/10
Question 836 has been Answered
a statistician was setting up a hypothesis test with a level of significance dictated by upper management. However, she was concerned that the test wo. . .

Type II Error, Sample Size

# 669 :: 4/13/09
Question 669 has been Answered
You have failed to reject the null hypothesis when it is false, and therefore you have made a A) Type A correct decision. B) Type B corr. . .

Type I Error, Type II Error, Hypothesis Test

# 668 :: 4/13/09
Question 668 has been Answered
Which of the following is the probability of making a Type I error? A) α B) 1 - α C) β D) 1 - β. . .

Type I Error, Type II Error

# 564 :: 12/19/08
Question 564 has been Answered
For each of the following situations, indicate whether an error has occurred and, if so, indicate what kind of error (Type I or Type II) has occurred.. . .

Type I Error, Type II Error, Power, Hypothesis Test