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# 849 :: 3/5/10
Question 849 has been Answered
A real estate agent in the coastal area of Georgia wants to compare the variation in the selling price of homes on the oceanfront with those one to t. . .


# 820 :: 10/17/09
Question 820 has been Answered
An animal trainer obtained the following sample data (Table A) in a study of reaction times of dogs (in seconds) to a specific stimulus. He then selec. . .

Standard Deviation, Standard Deviation on Frequency Data, Standard Deviation of Grouped Data, F-test

# 541 :: 12/9/08
Question 541 has been Answered
A stockbroker at Critical Securities reported that the mean rate of return on a sample of 10 oil stocks was 12.6 percent with a standard deviation of . . .

F-test, Homogeneity of Variance, Unequal Variances, Levine test

# 527 :: 11/28/08
Question 527 has been Answered
A sample of 25 concession stand purchases at the October 22 matinee of Bride of Chucky showed a mean purchase of $5.29 with a standard deviation of $3. . .

Homogeneity of Variance, F-test, Levine test

# 526 :: 11/28/08
Question 526 has been Answered
To test the hypothesis that students who finish an exam first get better grades, Professor Hardtack kept track of the order in which papers were hande. . .

2-sample t-test, Homogeneity of Variance, Equal Variances, F-test, Levine test