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# 857 :: 3/17/10
Question 857 has been Answered
A drug manufacturing company conducted a survey of customers. The research question is: Is there a significant relationship between packaging preferen. . .

Chi-Square Test of Independence

# 851 :: 3/5/10
Question 851 has been Answered
In a particular market there are three commercial television stations, each with its own evening news program from 6:00 to 6:30 P.M. According to a r. . .

Chi-Square Test of Independence, Chi-Square Goodnes of Fit Test

# 798 :: 8/19/09
Question 798 has been Answered
Teens were asked in the MTF 2006 survey how often they think about social issues (specific issues were not identified). The bivariate table includes r. . .

Chi-Square, Chi-Square Test of Independence

# 755 :: 6/14/09
Question 755 has been Answered
Interpret the following SPSS computer output for the chi-square test. Variable COMMUTE is “How did you get to work last week?” Variable GENDER is “Are. . .

Chi-Square Test of Independence, SPSS

# 754 :: 6/14/09
Question 754 has been Answered
Collapse the response categories in the following table so that it meets the assumption of the chi-square test; then perform the test. . . .

Chi-Square Test of Independence