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# 524 :: 11/24/08
Question 524 has been Answered
Discuss how t test can be employed in hypothesis testing by the use of directional vs. nondirectional hypotheses. Discuss types of research where usi. . .

t-score, Z-Score, directional test, nondirectional test, 1-Sided Test

# 514 :: 11/17/08
Question 514 has been Answered
I am trying to assess the impact of an event on a population. I ran a survey before the event and then I ran the survey after the event. The collect. . .

Paired t-test, Within Subjects, 1-Sided Test, One-Tailed Test

# 208 :: 5/27/08
Question 208 has been Answered
I am comparing 2 proportions of patients (before and after the introduction of a new quality-of-care project). The project is expected to reduce the p. . .

1-Sided Test, Hypothesis Test