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# 97 :: 3/1/08
Question 97 has been Answered
A medical school claims that more than 28% of its students plan to go into general practice. It is found that among a random sample of 130 of the scho. . .

Normal Approximation to Binomial , BINOMDIST, Continuity Correction, 1-Sample Proportion Test, 1-Proportion Test

# 319 :: 8/6/08
Question 319 has been Answered
A machine cuts circular filters from large rolls of material. If 7.3% of the filters fail to meet specifications, use the normal approximation to the . . .

binomial, Binomial Probability, Normal Approximation, Continuity Correction

# 350 :: 8/16/08
Question 350 has been Answered
A robot, when working properly, produces 5% or less defective items. whenever the robot produces more than 5% defective items, i needs repair. A rando. . .

Continuity Correction, Normal Approximation, binomial, 1-Sample Proportion Test

# 491 :: 10/30/08
Using continuity Correction. There are many situations in which a normal distribution can be used as a good approximation to a random variable that ha. . .

Continuity Correction

# 501 :: 11/7/08
Question 501 has been Answered
In a survey of adults, 68% thought that DNA test for identifying an individual were very reliable. You randomly select 24 adults and ask each if he or. . .

BINOMDIST, Binomial Probability, Continuity Correction, Normal Approximation, Normal Approximation to Binomial